Services we offer
  • Computer Repairs
    Our facilities are capable of performing a wide range of computer repairs. We can replace any component that might be malfunctioning or in need of upgrading. We can quickly diagnose your problems, and provide you with a complete estimate of replacement parts and labor costs for your approval prior to making any changes to your computer. So, whether your computer is not working at all, or your problem is more specific (such as your modem is not working), we can find a solution that fits your needs and your budget.
  • Software Sales
    Tax programs are constantly coming out with newer versions and new games are appearing with regularity. Virus-protection is something we all need to remember to update on a regular basis. We can supply the programs you need and install them as well.
  • Hardware Sales
    Modern programs use more memory than older versions. If you are planning on purchasing a new game or updating Windows, you will need to make sure you have enough space on your computer. Flat screen monitors are becoming very popular; we can help you find the perfect monitor and a new video card in order to view the highest resolution possible.
  • Laptops
    Having a computer that goes with you is a must for many people. A laptop being dropped or damaged is a risk user’s take, but there is usually no need to replace it. Our technicians can replace screens, keyboards, touch pads, internal components, and other parts. Give us a call for more details about your specific need.
  • Networking
    Many homes and businesses are beginning to network multiple computers together in order to share data or devices such as printers. Whether your system includes only two computers or is the base of a large company, we can help with network implementation. We offer consultation and repair services for existing systems as well as installing brand new networks. Our licensed experts can help your specific system run smoothly and efficiently.
  • Virus Removal
    Viruses are a problem all computer users must face. If your computer is showing signs of having a virus, please contact us immediately to avoid spreading it through use of the internet. Some symptoms include, but are not limited to: A slow-running computer, multiple pop-ups when your computer turns on, programs you do not remember installing in your “my programs” list, shortcuts appearing on your desktop that you did not put there, or even friends telling you that your emails have a virus. If your computer has any of these symptoms, or is just acting differently, be sure and contact us for a computer check-up.
  • Tutoring
    Computers are becoming appealing to more people every day. If you are a new computer user in need of a few tips or usage lessons, we are available to lend a helping hand. We are also able to teach you the basics in many different programs if you are looking to fulfill a specific need.
  • System Cleanup
    With all the time we spend at our computers, it is easy to get it bogged down with excess information or out-of-date programs. If you find your computer is running out of space, you may just need a system cleanup. Give us a call and we can take a look for you.
  • New Systems
    The most exciting moment for a computer owner is booting up a brand new, faster, and more capable computer. If you have decided it is time to update everything, we can help. Our consultants can help you decide what you need. If you need a gaming machine, we can build a custom machine with a high-end video card and plenty of memory. If you need a server for your growing business, we can offer a system capable of network access and storage. Whatever your needs, a custom built machine is an affordable and personalized solution.
  • Remote Support
    Our facilities are capable of performing remote support sessions to better serve you in a more timely manor. We can help you with minor issues remotely as long as you have a working high speed internet connection. Capable of serving both business and residential as with on site services.

01-12-2012 - JL Networking and Consulting now offers remote support

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