About Us

JL Networking and Consulting offers quality on-site services to customers in need of computer aid. We are based out of Highlands County and work with many local businesses and individuals in the area. With years of training and experience, anything from installing additional software or hardware to designing a complex office network has become second-nature. We take pride in the multitude of services we can supply to our clients.

Individuals often have only one computer to call their own. When this one computer has a problem, it can be overwhelming. As a client of JL Networking and Consulting, your problem becomes our problem. We have certified and licensed technicians who are able to correctly diagnose, repair, or upgrade your personal computer. We also offer tutoring sessions for those who have recently purchased their first computer.

Businesses often rely on computers to complete every day tasks. When these computers stop doing their job, it can cripple an entire company. Preventative measures can be taken to safeguard your important data in the event of a major computer problem. JL Networking and Consulting also offers priority service to customers who have time-based needs or require the use of a computer to run a business (additional charges apply).

Networking at home or at the office has become a popular way to share data or devices, such as printers, between computers. JL Networking and Consulting can help design and install a secure and efficient network system for you. Do you already have a network but you are having a problem printing from one computer or connecting with your laptop? Our network technicians can troubleshoot your existing setup and offer valuable solutions.

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01-12-2012 - JL Networking and Consulting now offers remote support

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